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    Figure all know that Palm is offering their trade-in program. I would get $100 each for my treo 600 and t3 pda. Not tons of $$$ but then again I never use my t3 anymore and got my treo for $149 off amazon the prior year if I recall correctly (after rebate) and 1 year contract.

    data speed -
    lord knows its posted all over the forum but....
    read that data speed with cingular is faster then it is on sprint/verizon? what is difference between all three please for a treo 650? wouldn't think much though I'm still pondering if it is even worth doing a data plan on a treo even with the better screen. cost seems just too much on cingular and probably not fast enough on sprint nor verizon if indeed they are slower using a 650 then it would be on cingular.

    I only pay around $50 a month now 660 minutes (after all the bonus minutes I somehow got) though no data so don't know that I want to c my bill zoom alot higher. is a slow speed on a sprint worth the lower price compared to either cingular or verizon on a 650? is it really even worth doing internet on a 650 to begin with? don't really know if the browser palm offers makes going to websites enjoyable or a royal pain compared to setting at ones desktop pc. web page reformatting/view...sorry have not a clue but it would seem like a heck of a lot of scrolling up/down, back/forth. i have resisted the samsung i730? though indeed that screen is very nice..hate the feel of the keypad though and coloring of the keys

    and yes I treo is just around the corner with only 240 x 240 pixel screen though don't know if that would make a difference at all compared to 650 screen. plus if I buy now palm will then release a improved 650x model that is palm os based but come on I have had the 600 for about a year and six months.

    don't i desire an upgrade/new model...I have tried to be good this year santa?

    then again nokia is coming out with a e61 model that might be a good pda phone as well.
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