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    Ok this may be an odd request. For years I have used my Palm to effectively sneakernet calendar, contact, task and note data from work to home and vice versa. I just ordered a 650 (had one of the first 600s and it is starting to die) and read up on versamail. While I love the idea of having my calendar and mail synch automatically from exchange (and I can deal with the stupid lack of wireless automatic synch of tasks and notes)...what will **** me off is not being able to synch that calendar data with my home PC and outlook. Is there a work around for this other than not using activesync? Also heard that only a limited timeframe for calendar data is wirelessly synched (from the Versamail FAQ on p1s site). Again..this will drive me nuts too. Any ideas?
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    First, I have not had any problems with a limited timeframe on my Calendar sync; I get everything. Secondly, simply install the Palm desktop and conduits on your home PC and sync over the cable. This is my setup and works fine.
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    That's odd (re the calendar synch working to both PC and active synch) see the following p1 kb artical that say's it shouldn't 34136. IE it says you can do one or the other. Also the Treo Versamail guide chapter 8 says
    "When you set up an account in VersaMail that uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, the Calendar
    application synchronizes directly with the Exchange server as well. Any new Calendar events on
    the server for the preceding seven days are downloaded to your device; any events older than
    seven days are removed from your device, although they remain on the server. The interval for
    synchronizing Calendar events is always seven days, even if you set a different interval on your
    device for synchronizing email messages."
    . I know I have not actually tried it yet (waiting for the 650 in the mail) but it's odd for them to actually say you cannot do it (I am used to companies saying you can do something and then it doesn't work rather than saying it doesn't and it does).
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    That is odd. I just checked and have recurring Calendar events that go back (at least) to the beginning of the year. It looks as though my non-recurring events go back 30 days, which is the time sync interval I have set up in Versamail. For me, I don't care about old non-recurring events. BTW, I probably activesync 10 times/day.
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    I'll give it a shot (if it's a bug I hope they don't fix it!). I really don't care if my non-reocurring events go back on my device at a few weeks (only one week would be bad). Especially if I synch dailly at home just want to ensure they transfer to my home PC (Guess incremental syncs will effect that). So tgoulart, your calendar IS syncing with your home PC with an active synch profile on your device? I'd love to be able to interpret "However, only one of these methods can be used to synchronize your Calendar at any time. When the desktop software detects an Exchange ActiveSync account on the device, it will automatically set the Calendar conduit to "Do Nothing." " as you should not rather than you can't.
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    Just a heads up as to what worked in my situation for those who may care.
    Using 3 Treos (2 600s 1 650)
    Syncing to corporate exchange (Using EAS on the 650)
    Syncing to home PC (XP) and wanted to sneakernet my corp calendar contacts etc
    Syncing to a tablet PC

    Problems caused by the above
    1. The tablet - Palm desktop normally does not load. Ran the install and when it hung killed all instances of idriver.exe...install completed
    2. EAS...when you set it up and synch to another (Non exchange) is detected by palm desktop and the conduit is it only syncs a specified time period on a side.
    3. The tablet. Syncing to it with the latest palm desktop gets you the error of "Notes database not supported".
    So ...only contacts and tasks end up syncing between the 2 PCs (It all used to work with just the 600s)

    Solved by.
    1. Blew all the data out of the treo dbs
    2. Installed Chapura key suite (Used this rather than XT because it supported the 600)
    3. Set Key suite to synch calendar to PC calendar
    4. Let EAS keep to date for a short term calendar
    5. Disabled PD conduits for notes, contacts and tasks. (Only notes would have been necessary but hey the chapura apps are better anyway)

    Keysuite keeps the synch up between the PCs and EAS handles calendar and mail.
    FINALLY it all works:>
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    Using VersaMail, I tried connecting to our corporate Exchange 2003 server with the server name and port number given to me by our IT staff. In configuring from the PC, I tried the button 'Test My Settings.' It establishes a connection but hangs from there. I've tried many combinations of user names including <username>, <Domain\username>, <Domain\>. Nothing seems to help.
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    I have it configured as follows:
    Username is domain\username
    Email address is
    Mail server is (you might try IP address instead)
    Incoming Port number is 443 using SSL
    Proxy Server port is 40
    Works fine. Can you use RPC over http with outlook to connect to your exchange server?

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