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    I tried a variety of different armband options, but I stumbled across a solution at circuitcity that worked pretty well. Either the "case logic" or the "icon" mp3 music player holder that has different accessories for converting into a belt (my favorite), an armband (a bit too heavy for treo imo), or a hand strap.

    I previously tried the "tunebelt".. not a good idea because if you have a silicon case it's impossible to stick it in, and if you don't, it seems like it'll slide out if you make one mistake. you also have to figure out a way to run the headphone wire.

    I linked to the case logic one because the web site only has the cheaper 12.99 icon one that only works as an armband.

    the Icon one is great because a Treo 650 in a silicon case WILL fit with room to spare. In addition, there are little mesh pockets on the inside to hold more things like SD cards. The attenna fits perfectly because the whole thing is zipped up (with two zippers which are sturdy), and you zip to the edges of the treo's atenna... combined with the silicon case, it's very very sturdy.

    the belt is very comfortable, being made of neoprene, and fits my 32 inch waist with a lot of room to spare.

    There is a head phone out port so it looks pretty clean too. what I did was wrap the Seido headphone/microphone adaptor arond cleanly.
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    2 words for me

    zippered pocket
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    I was in an Apple store this weekend at a local mall looking for a similar solution. I spied the marware product and decided to call them to see if they made a solution for the Treo. They said no but if enough interest was garnered they might be willing.

    anyone interested please follow thru. It looks like a perfect solution for ALL of us excercisers that use the T650 as we go. I use mine in a gym not just while I run. I lift a ton and keep track of my workouts as I go in the palm and listen to the MP3 player. I want to keep it safe!!
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    See my post here -> It explains how I made my armband case.
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