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    ive been reading on some threads and it looks like i have the know batt. problem that many have came across. that is not my main problem though.

    i have been recently been the victim of a buzzing sound coming from my phone when ever i try to make a call or when someone calls me. i can hear the buzzing along with the person im talking to. its bad enough to where other people can barely hear me talk. this will also happen eventhough i have full service. could this also be part of my batt problem? please help. im almost to the point where i just want to throw my phone against the wall.

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    I hope you are covered by lockjaw if you're gonna give the phone a toss against a hard object.
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    The buzzing is also a very commonly discussed issue. Read the PDF on this website. It's definitely worth a shot - working inside the Treo is relatively easy once you find the correct size Torx driver.

    edit: You might also experience temporary relief from your battery issue after being in there and fiddling with the battery connector. I got a few extra months out of my Treo when doing this.
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    T600 uses a T6 torx.
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    definitely give the "buzzing fix" a try. It worked really well for me. I'm not sure if it will help your battery life. I purchased the higher capacity battery and installed it while I had it opened to fix the buzz. it's working great!
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    well heres the update.

    i did the "buzz fix" front the link that RawsonDR gave. it was pretty easy to do. i just had trouble taking the phone apart after taking the srews out. but after that, everything worked out just fine.

    all i can say is wow. it worked. everyone that has talked to me after i fixed it commented on it. it was actually the first thing they said when i answered the phone. "wow no more buzzing, your phone works now". pretty funny. im still looking into changing out my batt. where is a good place to find one?

    thanks again Rawson for the link.

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    You're welcome. I bought this battery from ebay and it came with the Torx driver. Though it seems you all ready have one. I've seen 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, and 2000mAh variations of Treo 600 batteries. The 2000mAh batteries seem to go for 50-60 dollars while the others can be had for about 25 shipped.
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    I have tried the Buzz fix listed in FAQ(treo 600). It works for a week or so but the buzzing always returns. Can anyone help me with a permanent solution? Or will I be forced to take my phone apart every week? Thanks for any help or suggestions that can be offered.
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    The link you mentioned is not working for me, can you display it?
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    Yes, the link recently went down. Go here instead.
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    just replaced mine from an online e-tailer.
    it waS $33 FOR THE 2000MaH BATTERY

    I plugged the phone in before removing the battery and had no issue with loss of data. INfact the phone was on the enitre time.

    good luck
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    My buzz returned after a few months, so on the second fix all I did was disconnect the battery. Does this mean a battery replacement is a more permanent fix?

    PS. So do we really need to do the insulate the wire to remove the buzz?
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    "T600 uses a T6 torx."

    I got better results using a flat eyeglass screwdriver to loosen the screws and then using the treo stylus tip to finish.

    If you do use a torx, make sure you do not strip the screws

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