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    Version 1.1.2[95:48], Oct 1 2005@10:32:12

    Just a couple things...

    1. When viewing a message, it seems if I begin scrolling the message, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the "OK" button. That's a little annoying when I have a long email and I only need to see the first 2 pages, then skip off (maybe there's a key to get out of there that I'm missing since I haven't read the manual cover-to-cover yet ) It doesn't seem that paging back to the top of the message and then hitting 'up' once more gives me access to the OK button either.

    2. I notice on occasion while scrolling through a message, the blue halo around the "OK" button is still there, however pressing the center button does nothing. Paging down to the bottom of the message and then pressing down once more, followed by a press on the center button does the trick. It's as if the blue halo around the "OK" button is not erased sometimes. Not too big a deal, just a bug.

    Except for an incident yesterday afternoon where my phone mysteriously reset when it was in the leather case and one of my mailboxes suddenly appeared empty (although ChatterEmail told me about it and offered to recreate it, and then promptly repopulated it from the server), I haven't had any trouble with ChatterEmail and I am definitely going to register the software after I give it another week or 2 of use.
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    1. Spacebar to get OK highlighted.

    2. I'll look into that.

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    Ah, booyah. Thank you much
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    #2 is reproducible. I opened a message in my main mailbox, default headers were set (ie I saw the sender and subject but not the recipients).
    I scrolled down. The blue 'halo' went away.

    I scrolled up and did Menu-H, giving me all the recipients in the headers. Scrolled down-- blue 'halo' didn't go away but hitting the center button did not have the intended behavior of the "OK" button.
    Hit Menu-H again, now no headers. Scrolled down--same deal.
    Hit Menu-H again, back to normal headers. Scrolled down--same deal.
    Hit spacebar and center key to activate the "OK" button properly.

    Re-entered message. Normal headers. Scrolled down--blue 'halo' disappeared as it should.
    Hit Menu-H to provide full headers, then Spacebar and center-button to exit the message.
    Re-entered message. Full headers. Scrolled down--blue 'halo' disappeared as it should.

    It seems that merely switching header formats within an email triggers this 'bug', but exiting the email and going back in resets the behavior.

    (I'm on a roll here trying to identify bugs, I intend to use this app for a long time so I might as well )
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    I guess bug-reporting the stable ver isn't going to be as helpful as bug-reporting the latest beta, so I'll install that and start bugtesting from there.
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    turning off "WALK LINKS" will help keep focus onthe OK button as well
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    Well I've noticed these for sometime but I figured Marc has had his hands full with functional improvements. I'll through in one that immediately comes to mind...

    Another cosmetic inconsistency: Marc, you recently rounded edges for the buttons on the bottom row but the blue 'halo' around the browser button remains square-edged! Now put that to the top of your list! ;-)
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