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    I'm getting a new Verizon Treo 650 to replace my Sprint Treo 650.


    1. Can I sync my Sprint then connect and sync my Verizon with the same user name to migrate my stuff to the new phone?

    2. Do I need to remove my Sprint Treo 650 software on the PC and install from the Verizon CD?

    Any help from people who have moved between carriers or people in the know would be appreciated. TIA. -risk
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    Why? You want to pay $30-35 more per month for your data plan?

    Good questions. While in theory I think it can be done there are other issues, especially if your software generates a key based upon your device ID, e.g. Agendus.

    In general I never try to do what you're doing. I get it done properly the first time even though it takes longer because (1) I don't also install the other crap that may be in there that might be provider specific or just that accumulated over time, and (2) there is almost always corruption or inefficiency resulting in reboots and more wasted time than having taken the long but prudent way the first time.

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