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    Has anyone had experience with this hands-free kit for the car? On paper, it sounds terrific.
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    Use the Search this forum function and you will find plenty of threads regarding your question
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    Have it. Love it. Would be amazed by it if the 650 had better bluetooth!
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    Had the Parrot CK3100 installed in my car yesterday for my 650; so far so good - great sound; voice recognition seems good. I thought that the voice recognition would recognize digits so that one could dial a number directly through speech if you were dialing a number which was not in your favorites. Can't do that - I am a little suprised because I thought that would be a basic feature or maybe I don't know something. Any ideas?
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    Just installed our second in my wife's car.

    Works very well - be sure that you have the latest firmware flash via bluetooth.

    Both cars have "Premium" sound systems with a head & amp & subwoofer. It makes the install a bit trickier.

    On one, I used an external speaker and the mute pin on the radio.

    On the other, I spliced it in between the amp and the front speakers. The mute wire wanted 12V to mute (as opposed to ground-to-mute as the parrot provides) so I had to use a $2 reed relay from radio shack and sink throught the parrot and provide the 12v for the toyota amp mute.

    The mute is actually moot (sorry) if you are just putting the unit in line with an all-in-one radio unit. If you have standard ISO connectors on the radio, you're home free...

    Only one complaint - I bought the GPS version of the parrot (3300) for the first install. Didn't find out until later that the Treo can only have one BT connection going at once. You have to disconnect handsfree to enable the treo to communicate with the GPS...(second car got the 3100!)

    I think if you want to have hands-free AND gps - one of them has to be wired..

    good luck..
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