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    Quote Originally Posted by RSGMOOSE
    Ok - I agree with all of the other's about Chapura - but in the event you don't want to spend more money for such a good product try this:

    On the contacts folder: Right click and then see the attached capture. Make certain that Automatically Generate Exchange view is checked.

    Also do so on the calendar folder.

    Be advised that the default Palm conduits will not - not sync to subfolder's so everything must be in the main folder for Contacts and Calendar.

    But Chapura XT Pro will sync subfolders.....

    If that doesn't help - keep trying back here and I've got more fixes - but you'll get them only one at a time because they are progressive.
    Any other solutions? I did a restore sync with a new (well, refurbed) Treo and while all my third party software and settings were restored, now it won't sync eith Outlook. Each Outlook folder causes its own error message along with a request that I send the resulting report to Microsoft.

    I went ahead and bought and downloaded Chapura, but it hasn't made a difference; I am still having the same problem
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    Same post as in the other thread:

    Post your hotsync log - that'll tell us something.
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