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    I am considering purchasing a memory expansion card for my Treo 650. Are there compatability issues? Can applications be transfered from the internal memory to the card without conflict? Is there a difference between manufacturers of diffeent cards? Are there other questions I need to ask but don't know enough to ask them?

    Thanks for your help

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    1) Cards are always cheaper online.
    2) Always check to make sure your buying a card with a high read\write speed and a high shock rating.
    3) If it says SD/MMC then its compatible.
    4) PalmOne wants you to use SanDisk because they have a back door deal with them
    5) The card can hold your read only databases (pdb)and some read\write databases if the changes arent often and sizable. (Move anything to the card and if its recognized and runs then its usually OK)
    6) The card can hold your programs (prc) that:
    a) dont need the palm clock for alarms
    b) dont need to interface with the desktop during sync
    c) dont need to run in the background
    7) Always store pictures and video on the card.
    8 ) Some email clients allow you to store email on the card.

    A card is a must, especially with only 23 megs internal

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