It is upon this date that palm is destin to have a porper update?

What the **** Palm? are you kidding me? After a catastrophic crash and restore I seem to be seeing lots of my "tasks" with this new date attached. Anyone care to enlighten me ? (am I in Palm Desktop bliss that I need to update?) Why should I ever see such examples of shotty programming one would expect from the windows platform on your hardware?

Palm, you could either allow a mass select and change all function that actually will change all, so that I can clear 100 dates at a time, or fix your bug. Any other recourse is show of potential gross incompitancy on your behalf. I hope you have a good explaination. The T650 bugs were hard enough, but if you continue to show this kind of poor quality control how can you expect business professionals to continue to be brand loyal?

Or start hiring people who can properly test your software so that we dont have these kinds of issues in the first place. If you need I have referrals.