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    I paired my T650 with my laptop. It works with no problem, both syncing, sending files and DUN.
    BUT, a big BUT, when I start my laptop, at the end of WinXp boot, the treo gets a BT requests which causes a soft reset

    Any hints? Is this "normal"?
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    Why not switch off your Treo's BT when booting up your laptop?
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    A bit uncorfotable... isn't it?
    The problem is "Why should my treo reset"?!?
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    The short answer is that in theory it shouldn't. However, if you look through the posts here, you'll find that the Treo bluetooth implementation is not optimal. Once you accept this, you have to find the workarounds and use them.

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    Go into the Bluetooth app and check to see if Discoverable is set to Yes. If it is, change it to No and see what happens.
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    I tryed to change the "discoverable" settings, but with no success.
    The Treo resets itself everytime I reboot my laptop, both when in discoverable or hidden mode.

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