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    Hi: I am trying to get my company email onto the Treo 650.(We use Outlook but do not use Exchange as far as I know) I set up the account on the T650 and I can receive but not send.

    I know that the outgoing needs an SSL certificate. How would I install that certificate on the Treo? Or is there another way?


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    Do you need an SSL certificate to authenticate to your mail server? I know this is possible, but its a security measure that few companies go to b/c its such a hassle. If you just need to make an SSL connection for outgoing mail (SMTP), Snappermail should be able to handle it if versamail can't.

    Another alternative is to use a 3rd party as your SMTP server. Because of the complete lack of authentication in the internet email system, you don't need to send mail out from your company. You can use a third party to send the SMTP from. A lot of spammers exploit this. Personally, I use the outbound mailhop service from for my outgoing SMTP on my treo. Its authenticated and SSL encrypted, so they insure that only paying customers can use their SMTP relay. I forget what the fee is, but its pretty reasonable -- something like $20-ish per year. You can also use it for your laptop's SMTP if you travel outside your corporate network with it.


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