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    Schedule World has recently started providing the free Sync4j Palm client for syncing with their excellent looking java (and soon web) interface that allows you to input and wirelessly sync data to the palm from anywhere?

    I've tried and tried, been in communication with the Schedule World support, but no matter what I try I get "Error reading content" when I try to sync.

    Anyone else having luck, or want to try setting up Schedule World and seeing if the client works for you? The SW peeps seem to think it must be an issue on my end, but as far as I can tell it's not.

    The SW Palm client is available on and the Java download for the desktop GUI is available at
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    Seriously, you guys should try this.. Like I said, not sure if the syncing part is working right now, but when it does, it'll be great.. You can let people see your calendar, access your contacts from the web service, etc.. Input calendar data and sync it over to the palm without desktop software, etc. Great for using on any system without hotsyncing.

    Right now the server-side portion is all Java, you get a javaws download to run which gets the latest version of the java GUI and runs it. Soon there will be an entirely web-based server side of it which will be even better.

    Try it out, see if it works for you, and if not, please email the Schedule World support people, maybe they'll figure out something if it's not just me saying it doesn't work.
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    Any takers yet? I'm surprized nobody is interested in this..

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