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    Apologies if this been dealt with elsewhere, but I couldn't find it. I am usually pretty good at troubleshooting my T600, and have even been of some small help to folks on this forum in the past, but this one has me stumped:
    Several days ago, when I received an incoming call, the screen would light, the "Answer" and "Ignore" buttons would appear, but no caller info (either caller ID or "No Caller ID" or "private number", "blocked call" text, etc), and NO ring or vibrate. If I happened to be looking at the screen, I could answer the call, no problem. Otherwise I would get a "missed call" screen, voicemail message, and the correct caller ID info would appear in the call log. No ther trouble with the device at all, and all other phone functions appear OK, AND this problem would not occur on every call. At first I thought a soft reset made a difference, or where the number I was receiving the call from, but this doesn't seem to matter, and the problem occurs about two-thirds of the time. Since I have had the experience in the past of being bounced painfully between Sprint and Palm phone support, I just trucked on over to my local Sprint Store with the problem. First they said the phone needed a "software upgrade" (I have kept up, and was not aware of any recent Sprint updates). Then they said the phone "failed" several diagnostic tests and was likely soon to crash (they wouldn't say more) and they offered to replace the phone (I have insurance). New phone came in two days, and I restored all my data and apps from my BackupBuddy file on my SD card. Device works fine, except - Lo and Behold - phone problem persists exactly as before!
    So I have to assume there is a conflict with some of my third-party software, or perhaps a corrupted Phone or other database file. Before I go through the painful process of eliminating suspects, I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience and can shed some light.
    thanks in advance,
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    Well, my post generated little interest and no answers (32 reads, 0 replies), but I thought I would let folks know I solved my problem, just in case anyone ever has a similar one. I deleted several possible conflicting programs I don't use much, and the problem resolved. Have no idea which was the offender (haven't bothered to restore each one by one), but the ones I deleted are:

    Keep in Mind
    Sound Rec
    Voice Launcher
    Treo Helper

    If I ever restore any of these without a problem, I'll let you know.
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    When all fails, hard reset phone start over.

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