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    I have been hotsync with the Palm cradle for some time without any difficulties. All of a sudden, it will not work. It will hotsync with the cable that came with it. Ideas? Thanks!
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    what version number is printed on the bottom of your cradle?
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    version 180-10022-00
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    After 6 months without a problem, mine stopped syncing also. Turns out I now have to push down harder when I insert the Treo into the cradle, particularly on the left (antenna) side. Try it, you never know.
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    Lots of people have reported this, and it happened to me as well. Cleaning the contacts on the bottom of your Treo may help (for a while).

    Personally, I gave up and bought the Smartphone Experts cradle as a replacement. I haven't had any problems since then (more than 6 months).

    Drawbacks: No extra battery charger (but I don't have a spare battery), and uses USB for power so you can't charge with your PC truned off unless you have/get a powered USB port (another $20.00).

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd
    version 180-10022-00
    ??? maybe you have an old one. when did you buy it?

    mine say REV B 0529 on bottom and i bought two in August 2005 at CompUSA. I've had no problems - but i read here that some early/old versions did.
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    I too have had endless problems with my Treo 650 cables. All three of the ones that I have bought from PalmOne have eventually quit working. Thanks for the suggestion on the desktop cradle. I'll try that one and see if it solves my problems.
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    I've been going through the same issues with mine. Sometimes putting the USB cable to another port works or just plugging/unplugging it from the phone a few times does it. I think my problems started after the last ROM update, but I can't be sure.

    For now, I picked up a USB Bluetooth adaptor for my PC. It was free from TigerDirect after rebate and although slower, it has solved my problem for now.

    So now my cradle is just a charger and a place to sit my phone.
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    I suspect the earlier batch of the craddle do have some issues.
    I bought two, one for work and one for home. Both have problems after about two months of use, both will not hotsync when docked but will when connected to cable.

    Finally, I called up Tech support and have them replaced and it's been working fine ever since.
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    Sprint swapped my 650 today. The technician couldn't even get his test cable to work.

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