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    I've got a Cingular branded 650, purchased directly from PalmOne on March 28, 2005, so its still under warranty. The right side shift key is suddenly not working at all. I figure I'll send it back for a replacement by Palm (I've had decent replacement experiences with Palm and my 600).

    The catch is, since receiving this 650, I've unlocked the phone (with Cingular's help), unbranded it with ROW firmware updates, and most recently, loaded the 1.43/1.14 firmware/software updates. I'm afraid I'm going to get grief from Palm when they see all of the unauthorized tweaking I've done to the phone. What is the best way to return the phone to (reasonably close to) its original condition? I'm thinking it may be best to just wait till after I run the official GSM FW release next month (?).

    Also, I'm still using the $19.95 MediaNet unlimited plan. I'm afraid that when I call Cingular to have the new phone unlocked, someone may notice that I'm not using the PDA plan. Of course, I can always say that I use that plan with a different phone.

    Any thoughts from other Cingular users?
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    You should be able to load the Cingular firmware again, at least by going back to 1.13/1.23 and then loading 1.15/1.31.

    I wouldn't worry about the MediaNet plan. I don't take the CSR's as being that proactive.
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    I had a similar situation with my Cing phone. It was unlocked and running the ROW sw/fw. I had an advanced replacement do to a bad "p" key. There was no problem sending back the old unit. I did not downgrade the SW, although that would not have been too hard.
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    My impressions is that they get the returned device and log it in - what firmware, etc is just not a concern to them. They are just going to ship it back to Palm anyway.

    As far as data plans - if you are on a plan they sold oyu , they can't just change it because you use it a lot. I had a conversation with a Cing exec who admitted they had no idea how much they were giving away fo $19/mo, which is why they stopped offering the plan. Those who got it, though, will keep it.
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    The story so far:

    I called PalmOne yesterday. They say that even though I bought the phone directly from PalmOne, that because it was SOLD as a locked Cingular phone, I must call Cingular for Customer Support and warranty repair issues. Even though Cingular unlocked the phone for me.

    I grit my teeth and called Cingular. I had originally bought the phone direct from Palm so that I would never have to deal with Cingular tech support again. Oh well. After going through several tiers of support people, I got a guy that acknowledged that this would probably qualify for a warranty replacement. At this point he asked me my IMEI . Then he asked for my Software version. Hmmm. I couldn't remember offhand what the last official Cingular release was. I mumbled 1.14...5, something. He said, "that can't be right". Then I countered that I had already hard reset the phone several times and that software couldn't possible be the issue, as I could feel that the button wasn't clicking at all. Luckily he said "obviously you know how your way around the phone" and didn't pursue the software version.

    Anyway, a replacement phone is on its way to me. The next step after transferring my info and reapplying the ROW update, will be to get the phone unlocked again!
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    blocktek - Way to recover from the CS rep's question. What would have been the right answer? It looks like 1.15 is the latest CNG release.
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    It's a bit after the fact for this case, but I wanted to share for anyone else out there having trouble, that I too faced the problem of needing to return an unlocked and loaded up with the 1.28-ROW rom on my Cingular branded phone for a warranty hardware replacement due to the GMS freezing problem.

    Having no luck with the Cingular reps (and no service with them), I did get them to pass me back to palm who said that they would send me a unit as a fast replacement. Unfortunately, when I called to ask my my tracking info indicated that it was not a fast replacement exchange, they told me that because it was a Cingular phone, I'd have to send it in first.

    So, before fighting with the Cingular folks again in hopes of getting them to send out a unit, I did a little digging for the answer to the above question.

    Can you revert from the latest ROW rom to CNG?
    And the answer is that I did. (Feeding the search index, I suspect this will work for ROW 1.21 1.23 but I was running 1.28 and went directly to 1.15-CNG.)

    I followed the process outlined by Shadowmite to grab the Palm installer for the latest update from Cingular. Followed the procedure adapted from DrWowe (requires Sun Java JDK) to extract from the installer a complete ROM image and then installed it via sd card per the instructions (required an old 1.2x sd-card installer).

    I had one problem which was that after getting the correct rom image installed, I still have the wrong version string. A little searching in the forums over there and I found a store of someone who was able to force a token update to get the right string inserted and followed that to run my installer one more time.

    I was worried at this run when the rom string was now correct, but I had no firmware string and a few other blank fields. (Until I thought to turn the phone on with a sim card in. All then was fine.)

    Just to be sure, after that, I ran the stock Palm updater from start to finish.

    I'm mailing the treo back to Palm this morning and hoping for a replacement by Wednesday.

    So - that's my positive story. The rollback can be done.

    For those that are wondering, the process took me about 2 hours from start to finish including getting the Java stuff downloaded and installed, and fussing with the all the bits I mentioned above.

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