I have a head unit in my car that has a 'line in' for a phone, with 'auto mute'. The head unit in question is a Becker Traffic Pro. I would like to get a BT kit that is compatible that I can just plug in.

I have tried looking for specific information on what the Parrot car kits outputs, but even the info here at treocentral doesn't say. What outputs do they provide? Is there a connector involved, and if so, what type? Can anyone provide a link to some info, or speak from experience?

One of my friends with the same head unit bought a BT car kit from motorola, and we simply cut its external speaker wires, soldered them into an RCA plug, and plugged in. That was trivial, but the sort of thing I'm expecting. My friend paid in the vicinity of $200 for the other kit, which is in the ballpark of the Parrot kit.