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    As of last week, I can't seem to send any SMS messages. I get the following whenever I try to send anyone a message:
    "ERROR: An error occurred ( 4058 ) when sending this message. Please check the phone number or email address and try again."

    It's pretty bizarre because it seemed to occur spontaneously, without any new software additions, etc.

    I found a couple of other threads with this error message, one suggested a new SIM card and this person seemed to have the problem only related to long messages; but in my case message length is not the issue.

    I suppose I may need to try a new SIM card? Any other thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.
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    Yeah I had this problem yesterday when trying to send to a number in a different state only. Pretty sure it's a network issue as it's cleared up for me anyway. Who's your carrier?
    My Treo's Stats:
    650 Unlocked/Unbranded GSM <br>1.71 Firmware w/ 1.20 ENA
    Carrier: Cingular
    Current BT Headset: Treo Wireless
    GPS: TomTom5 + BT338
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    I use Cingular, but I don't think it is a carrier issue because it has been going on for 1 week now.

    I just tried to send another message, and now it gives another error message 407A. On searching this in the forum, it seems like it was an intermittent problem for some members several months ago - but no real resolution as to the cause or fix.

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