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    Hi all. I just received my Mobile Crossing GPS and I am experiencing a minor problem. I am unable to pair it with my Treo 650. When I go to the BT setup and tell it to search for t device it does not find anything. I am using Mapopolis for the maps and in that program it finds my GPS device and it works very well but I have to select the gps device everytime I start the GPS. I assume if I am able to pair the device then it wont ask me what device to use everytime I want to start GPS.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Unfortunately, pairing the device to the Treo does not solve this problem. It is a Mapopolis limitation.

    If you do want to pair it for kicks, make sure that the blue light is flashing on the GPS. Also make sure that you have the Treo set to search for "Nearby devices".

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