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    I'm swapping out from my old Motorola V600 to my new Treo 650 and I was hoping to transfer the ringtones that I PAID for through T-Mobile. I called and ask T-M how to do it and they said that it was copyrighted (sp?) material and that I could not swap it from one phone to the other. I feel that if I paid for the ringtone, I should be able to use it in the phone of my choice. I want to make it clear that I don't want to copy the ringtones, I just want to transfer them to my 650. Any suggestions?

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    don't they have a portal that you can access the items you purchased so just incase you lose your phone you don't have to repurchase? if so then there's your answer...
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    No looks like I'll have to download a audio clip to a SD before I can get the ring tone I want. The ring tones that I bought from T-M cannot be trans to my 650.

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