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    I have had an Earthlink phone for a couple months (with their $99 deal) and I am wondering why they have not had any updates. I am mainly wanting the car kit update that Sprint released with Updater 1.12.

    Why does Sprint get all the updates? Is this a Palm decision or does Sprint create the firmware themselves?

    What would happen if I used a Sprint updater on an Earthlink phone?

    BTW I called Earthlink's customer service and they did not have a clue. They were very nice and could speak fluent "American" English (which I did not expect after reading posts about them on this forum), but they were not able to answer my question.

    I am still loving the phone and the Earthlink service, but I really want that one update.
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    I would guess that it's likely a matter of Sprint bugging the living hell out of Palm. Treo 650 firmware updates seem to have take on the guise of Linux Distros. One updates all the time, one never seems to, another squeezes one out only after massive uproar. I've got a feeling though that with the advent of the 700, we're not liklely to see many more (if any) big updates. They'll start focusing the updates and wishlist items into the 700, thereby pushing it at more people.
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    Mmmmm. cause Sprint is the largest, and first to use the Treo ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    Mmmmm. cause Sprint is the largest, and first to use the Treo ?
    That'd be my guess.
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    Because Sprint developers are not as anal as <insert GSM carrier or verizon here>. For a lot of the carriers out there they have to over certify the code. Look at the NVFS fix; sprint got it way before anyone else. And BTW this latest "Sprint Firmware" is nothing more than a minor setting that is fixed and the firmware version is incremented. It takes all of 20 seconds to apply and does not require the phone to be plugged in. So don't feel so bad.

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