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    Hi -- sorry to bother but I've searched and couldn't find this problem.

    I used to have the 7135, and I had the outlook conduit/desktop installed at work. I have power user permissions. When I got the Treo 650, my sysadmin changed me to an admin, we uninstalled the old software and then installed the 650 software and outlook conduit.

    He changed me back to power user, and now the Palm Desktop won't load at all. I get the splash screen and it hangs. Even though I intend to sync with outlook, I need to get into the desktop to rename my old user ID.

    Any ideas appreciated. (Keeping an employee as an admin is not an option, unfortunately.) I have no problem syncing to the Palm Desktop at home.
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    I migrated from a 7135 to a 650 using Outlook at work. No problem making conversion. But I did NOT have to log on as admin to uninstall and reinstall the desktop software. Are you saying PO desktop does not freeze when you are logged on as admin? That sounds like a permissions issue if it does. If that is the case you might try logging in normally (power user?) and uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop again. I will caution the Palm conduit has a known and previously discussed bug which alters the meeting organizer in many circumstances of your meetings making you the organizer for everything. I installed Pocket Mirror Pro XT to cure this as it has its own conduits.
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    Just to close this out, we finally worked this out, and yeah, it was a permissions issue on a specific set of keys in the registry. localuser/software/classes, I believe. It would be nice if Palm would make this information available... I can't be the only one installing the software in a quasi-restricted environment.

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