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    we all still discuss ROM customizations here, and with Shadowmite's technique for capturing the ROMs there is little need to share them.
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    Hi antelope:

    Yes, I see the site continues to remain free of PalmOne and open for links and, as always, discussion, which is great.

    With making ROMs, some folks do not feel comfortable enough to do their own, for whatever reason.

    Regardless, seein the directio of PalmOne, I'm am putting together a full (custom) ROM list for the Treo 650. Currently it has GSM phone ROMs, however, I'd like to include Sprint, Cing and Verizon.

    I hope we all can do/contribute to this, to preclude/prevent PalmOne from shutting down available information of download links to interested folks, like PalmOne did at shadowmite's site, and more recently It would make sense that TreoCentral is on the PalmOne list for closure on direct ROM links use in the near future, but hopefully they will be over-looked.

    So, anyone can click on the email link, and have an auto-response ROM list sent directly to them, thus avoiding legal issues for the various forums (ones having been notified), and keeping the ROMs available for folks who want them.

    Currently in the GSM list are ROM's by MFB (1.14/1.43) debug ROM and me, 1.28.

    The ROM list is available via:


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