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    For some reason my Treo 650 has not been able to download mail. When I go to versamail and click get, I logs in, updates, but when it starts to download mail, I see that it is downloading 1 of X and then it simply shuts down and restarts.
    It also restarts when I try to delete an old message.
    It does exactly the same thing on all of 3 different mail servers that I have set up. 1 is mac mail and the other two are private email on totally different servers systems.
    I have a 650, live in Mexico and use TelCel. Treo has worked more or less perfectly for several months.
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    Follow this to fix (at least temporarily) the problem with Versamail:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(36541),ts=Palm_External2001
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    mine started that today too. I am in Oklahoma. Exactly the same thing. has been fine for 2 months of Versamail. ....weird
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    RocketDude has the right fix.
    Mine began to act up and after deleting the listed files it works fine. You've got to set up Versamail again but it fixes the reset loop.
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    Well, life is not supposed to be this simple, but. . . . . . The solution suggested in this thread probably works but, I never got to it. I'm not one who syncs that often. Most of you would wonder why I care to have a Treo since I under-utilize it so.
    Anyway, before I deleted files, etc. I decided to sync and see what happened, and, lo and behold, apparently the files that were screwed up must have been replaced from the back-up on my mac. Anyway, for now, it works again.
    Thanks everyone.

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