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    I have had my Nutshell case for my 650 for a couple of years, and it's time for a replacement (due to cosmetics only). Before I spent another $60 on a case, I've been investigating case types, and came across these on E-Bay. They seem to be unique, with a "close to hip" belt clip that swivels. I need a belt clip case, but I definately no not want one of those big, bulky, removealbe type clips.
    Has anyone tried either of these????? Price looks good....
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    i don't use a case but this looks nice.
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    I used this case on my previous phone, the Blackberry 7100t. It's a good functional case, but it will add a small amount of bulk to your belt. The closure is magnetic, I believe, so it's much nicer than the typical velcro.
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    Pretty decent case, but not a nutshell. I use my nutshell everyday and this case from ebay sits on my table.
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    IMHO, its a piece of crap. The pleather on mine tore after just a few months. (For a photo see my post #204 in the following thread)

    You get what you pay for. Spend the $, get a Nutshell.
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    I have one and it's ok, though I didn't use it very often. I use a Seidio clip. Yes, I have some missing paint, but it's the most convenient for me.

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    I have the case from UniqueMobile and I really like it. The case is well made, it is NOT pleather as was perhaps indicated by a previous response . I have no idea about the other case which looks similar. I opted to pay attention when the guy said "this case is NOT like the other ones out there". He's a good guy to work with also. My first case got lost in the mail. After e-mailing him with the problem, he had switched to the lambskin case and shipped that one to me as a replacement.

    But then, I do not give the case a lot of wear and tear, it's mostly for carrying my Treo650 in my purse, occasionally, but not often, on my belt.

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    I have one but I hardly even use a case on my treo.
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    I have one of these cases. Bought it on EBay. Real solid, but you have to pay attention when you are putting it in the case (duh..) b/c it will fall out sometimes. Just a low tech review. I am still using it.
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