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    Say it ain't so! I tried to find Dan's cellular Accessories on EBay at the usual place, and EBay said "This store is closed." Did Dan close? Oh, the humanity!
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    Looks like he closed up shop. In reading some of his feedback, look like he announced his closing and shut down on 10/28. He also has a heck of alot of negative feedback for his last auctions. Its a shame really, he had some fantastic prices for Treo related items.
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    I just tried going to Dan's Cellular on eBay and get the message "Sorry, this store has been closed". I tried searching as well and came up empty.

    Has anyone heard about his demise???
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    He had some family situations occur that affected recent (and future) sales. I know, I almost left negative feedback for a recent buy of Treo items I bought from him. Previous purchases from him have always had minimal issues. I, and many others apparently, said he should close shop temporarily while he takes care of personal matters before his reputation became irrepairable. Offically, he also sent emails customers explaining what happened and why.
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    Here are the two emails I received from him:

    ***************** START #1

    Dear xxxxxx,

    We had a death in my family and it has cause us some shipping delays in the last seven to ten days. We are working hard to catch up during this most difficult time for us. We ask that you could give us a few more days to get back on normal shipping. If you have got a shipping notice from us from the week of the 3rd and have not receive your item. You will in the next few days.

    Also if you are one of the buyers of the PLantronics 510 this item did not ship due to a QC issue and refunds were given on that. We greatly appreciate your patience.
    Dans Cellular Accessories
    Daniel Horton

    ***************** END #1

    ***************** START #2

    Dear xxxxxx,

    We reget to inform you that we are closing our store at this time. Many of you know early in the month we had a very serious family ER that cause major shipping delays and back logs of orders. Many of you did receive your item and other orders stay in *pending status* or a shipping label was made but not processed. We did inform paypal and ebay of this long delay and took the suggestions given to us by ebay senior account manager and our paypal account manager.
    Our goal in the few days ahead is to resolve all buyers issues.You will either have your item or a full refund back into your paypal account. We have fund our paypal account with funds from our bank to do this.Once they have cleared. We will start the refunding process. If you do not have your item or your refund by Friday November 4,2005 by all means contact us at 1-203-629-1360.
    We have taken alot of bad feedback in the last two weeks and some of it well deserved and others not so well deserved. It was suggested to keep our account active while we resolve these issues. We have the option to simply close the account and the feedback.
    As our record shows up to Oct. 10 we had 99.4% customer approval rating and ran a good business for almost four years taking care of thousands and thousands of members. Some members are accusing us of a scam printing shipping labels and not shipping product. If that was our business practice we would have been gone long ago. We simply got further and further behind in processing orders.
    We are sincerly sorry for all the hassle we have caused you and your transcation with us.
    We will reopen our email support and phone service on thursday November 4,2005 for any remaining outstanding issues that need resolved.

    Dans Cellular Accessories
    Daniel Horton

    ***************** END #2
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    I would expect Mr. Horton to follow through on his promises. If and when he is able to recover from his loss and re-open the business, I would buy from him again.
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    Me, too. I am actually waiting on an item/refund myself. I wishe the best for Dan and his family.
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    Anyone else still having issues with Dan's Cellular? I have an outstanding order that has not been refunded or delivered upon. November 4th has come and gone....emails are being returned and I always get an answering machine.

    Was I wrong for filing a claim with Paypal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinger
    Anyone else still having issues with Dan's Cellular? I have an outstanding order that has not been refunded or delivered upon. November 4th has come and gone....emails are being returned and I always get an answering machine.

    Was I wrong for filing a claim with Paypal?

    Your claim is justified. You've already extended (over-extended, in my opinion) your courtesy by waiting past November 4th and followed the procedures he outlined if you don't hear from him. On top of that, there's no telling if he is telling you the truth (no offense to Mr. Horton).
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    Dan has always been a controversial yet solid ebay store seller. His CS has always been curt and sometimes lacking, but you can never complain about the prices which is why always kept going to his store for my treo items...
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    On a number of occasions I was close to using Dan's but didn't because of negative threads. Instead I used the Treocentral Store. I love it and will always buy my accessories through it.
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    I bought from Dans and had a hbh 660 go bad after a month. he sent me a new one within a week. You have to understand he sells 100's of items a day and everyone is human. He has always made good on his items. If you have bought from him before and had a great experience give the guy a chance to make it right. If you ever had a death in your family you would understand. Its not your first priority to fun to your computer. Im sure if he owes someone something it might take a little longer but he will come thru.

    Also with paypal im sure they know about what happened and will make it right.
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    His Service Sucks. Do Not Use It.

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