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    I'm a fan of TREO. In fact, I'm holding my third model -- the TREO 600. I wish I have a 650 with a better screen. BUT I post not to promote TREO. This is my third treo because the previous two 300s has problems. The first treo's flap got broken from frequest use. The pivot's spring is too strong and the plastic gets weak -- thus the flap snaps. The second was a replacement by HandSpring and it has the same problem. Now the third, I bought it from my brother is like new.. TREO 600 without a flap... Heres the problem. Yellow spots start to appear on the screen -- mine has 3 spots as small as the letter o and as big as the center oval button. And heres the twist. My second phone which I did not use (treo 300)before started to have those nasty yellow spots.

    I like the TREO but considering to find another replacement with equal features. ANy suggestions? Maybe a sony-ericsson?
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    The 650s haven't exhibited the yellow spot behavior from what I I'd upgrade to a 650
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