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    Looking for an app that helps me record how much time I put on a project in a day, week month. I was thinking of some app that would ask you every 1/2 hour to input a Project number and a description of work done. And then you can total it by day week month or by the project number it self... any ideas thanks
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    Time@Hand will hande the by-day portion, with easy-to-get to Report charts yielding the week/month info. It's csv export will allow further manipulation in the spreadsheet of your choice. (option to save to RAM/memo or card as straight csv) or Handnago at
    By the way, if you can also use Expense@Hand, note the 2fer-bundled price at Handango:
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    It doesn't meet all your requirements but I find it is the best for me as it a simple efficient spreadsheet based input format with export capability.

    Unfortunately it has no 5 way support that i know of....


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