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    chatter is amazing...thank you so much for your continued efforts:

    ISSUE 1:
    "ADD SENDER TO CONTACTS" i missing something?....shouldn't this be available in the menu when in message view, or even in mailbox view when focus is on an email...this has to be implemented...absolute no-brainer...selecting "ADD SENDER TO CONTACTS" would create a contact entry and the email would be applied to the "email" line then you could add name, numbers, whatever...when you hit "DONE" at this point you would return to chatter...

    ISSUE 2:
    "LEAVE MESSAGES ON POP SERVER"...seems like a check box in the POP mailbox setup dialogue would clear up some issues people are having with email "staying" or "deleting" from their server...

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    #1: No, this isn't implemented

    #2: Messages are synced with the server; if they are deleted in Chatter, they will be deleted on the server. If they are deleted on the server, they will be deleted in Chatter (unless locked).

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    #2, I'd like to see a "Leave messages on server" option.

    There are (many) times when I just want to get an email, but have no use for it on my phone after the initial reading, but still want access once I get to my laptop or work.
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    PabloTX - That's not likely to be coming in the near future.

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    That's fine. I don't use POP for my main account, only sparingly in certain circumstances.

    Kind of a "like to have" feature, but not essential.

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