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    I loaded the PA and the OH maps on my 650 with TomTom5 and a BT-338. I am in PA and need to plan a route to an address in OH. The maps dont seem to understand the boundaries and road connections between states. Each is like an island. As a result, I cant plan a route across states. How do you do this?

    I see that there is a contiguous Northeast map and Midwest map. These work for planning between states within a contiguous map, but not across maps.

    What's up with this? How do I do it? Can you somehow link individual maps?
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    I don't think you can "link" individual maps for routes. if you need continous routes, you can load the larger, regional maps that will give you continous route coverage. there is also a highways/cities of the USA map that provides seamless major highway coverage of the US, at the expense of smaller road and point of interest.

    the ohio-pennsylvania border kinda stinks, because they don't have regional maps that cross over that boundary. We took our honeymoon in the pocconos driving from michigan, and I had to switch maps and recalculate our trip rpute when we got to pennsylvania.

    my reccommendation is to buy a BIG sd card and load it with all of the regional maps and the cities of the USA maps as space allows.
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    Yeah, this is (IMO) the only downfall of TomTom. But there are workarounds. I usually install the starting state, and the ending state, and use the "Major Roads of the US" map during the majority of the drive. I also pre-program my default destination into the destiation state map, so you can switch to it while driving and just have it keep going (without having to input the destination while driving).

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