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    hihi all.
    Sorry if I posted in the forum but I would really like some helps. I have looked through most of the threads and didn't see the answer.
    This is the problem..

    My friend who lives in the US has a Palm Treo 600. He has some 70 pictures taken on the Palm and sync'ed with his PC. Then he deleted those 70 pictures on his Palm, thinking he will move the pictures from his transfer folder in his PC to another location.

    He did the CUT operation when suddently the Palm started to sync with the PC. Before he knew it he tried to cancel the operation. Now he found there're only a few pictures left.
    I was wondering if there's a trash can on the Palm, coz he deleted those pictures in his Palm maybe it's like Windows it resides in the Trash Can until it's emptied specifically.
    Or am I just clutching straws those pictures are gone for good?
    Sorry for troubles here since I don't have the Palm and my friend is not sure what to do.
    Any help would be most appreciated.
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    Maybe someone can tell me where is the recycled bin or trash can please..
    If there's one?
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    No, sorry, there's not one.
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    thank you bill.. it's all I needed to know..

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