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    I am about to begin the Custom ROM procedure and I understand that ONLY .prc files for apps should be moved to the ROM. But what about applications that have .pdb files associated. I know that some programs that have both .prc and .pdb files have been tested to work when only putting the .prc files into the ROM.

    But where can I install the .pdb files?

    Do I have to install the .pdb files to the handheld and not the SD card?

    And if I do install to the handheld (RAM), can I use ZLauncher to somehow move the .pdb files to the SD Card to free up RAM and have the .prc file in the ROM access the SD card for the info in the .pdb file?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    The pdb can still be on the card. There is no need to put it in RAM.
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    Hi Tem,

    Thanks for the confirmation. One last silly question.

    Does this mean I should install the .pdb files using the Palm Quick Install Tool and just choose to move it to the card?

    Or should I install to handheld first, then use ZLauncher or something else to move the .pdb file to the SD card?

    Thanks again.
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    Some pdb files will not work from the card. Here is the situation. pdb files are the databases associated with any program. The prc is the program itself. If the pdb needs to modified as the program is used it needs to be on the handheld. The file cannot be modified on the fly from the card without using something like powerrun which pulls it from the card to the handheld when it needs to be modified and replaces it on the card with the new one when you exit the program. Some pdb's however do not get modified and can be put on the card or even in ROM.

    Good luck.
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    You should use the palms stock launcher to copy the pdb to the card then delete the pdb off the internal memory, or use a file manager to simply move the pdb to the card or just sync the pdb to the card via quick install. The pdb does not need to be on internal first.

    There or very few pdbs that ever have to be on RAM. If the pdb us a database that is not read only then as mentioned it does then sometimes have to be in RAM. This will usually be obvious because the PRC won't recognize the pdb on the card..

    I wouldn't use ZLauncher to move the pdb to the card unless it is a read/write pdb.

    Feel free to ask away if any of this dosent make sense
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    When I made my ROM I placed in the ROM the prc files that needed to be internal but couldn't be on the card such as prcs that have alarms that I use such as Bugme NotePad or MegaClock and prc fikes that need to sync with the desktop such as Documents to Go or Splash Money.

    The prc files that do not have alarms or sync with a desktop counter part I alway place those on the card, and not via PowerRun or ZLauncher, just on the card.

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