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    It works well on my 650!
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    Not sure what the issue is with me, I see the splash screen, then loading guides, then bam soft reset!!

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by horsmanp
    Not sure what the issue is with me, I see the splash screen, then loading guides, then bam soft reset!!

    Any ideas?
    Well, before you hard reset and manually install your apps, make sure it's not a memory problem. How much free RAM do you have? Does it run it you perform a soft reset first?
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    Had about 8mb free when I installed -- working fine. Kind of a pain, however, running from the card (I installed about 10 guides). Takes forever to load that way. I may delete all but essential guides.
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    You can move unnedessary guides to the card and run the rest from memory -- cool.
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    Ok i figured it out, you need to delete all guides form the memory card, including any in backup folders, etc... it may just be old guides from the pervious Zagat that are the issue, but this fixed it for me... figired it out when i removed the memory card and it loaded ok...

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    am i reading this correctly? base app is now 800k up from 119k?
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    I have complained seriously about how Treo users were left behind by previous versions of ZAGAT TO GO, but I have to say that version 4.0 is very impressive. I can now use it one-handed. The map button for each restaurant downloads maps which are perfectly sized for the Treo and very readable (they fill the whole screen, better than Google Maps). New guides and updates to guides can be downloaded directly without sync. The guides can all be stored on an SD card. This is how it was meant to be! Andrew.
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    Keep getting a error (*#377) LINE 3732: Null Handle.

    I shared with Zagat support, etc. and have had not feedback. When I first installed it worked (seemed to install 7 Prcs/PDB ... only was installing one city at the time). Worked...then I started have the above problem WHENEVER I tryed to open a database (ie coming off the Try Demo). Additionally, I bought but if you have to reinstall for any reason you have to get a new activation code (a royal pain).

    The app looks cool, but I just can't get to work (having spent about 5-6 hours on...which is silly). I know some are having no problems as of yet, but many are. And what is most disappointing is a lack of responding to service/support issues. If they woud have just responded and said we are looking into it (and of course meant it) is a sad world we live in when customer support and satisification are a be damned word for certain vendors.

    Still waiting to hear from ZAGAT.....
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    try taking out your sd card and see if it runs. If it does, you probably have some older zagat files still on the card. That's how I figured out my issue.
    Tony Ricciardi
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    I can't connect to internet from the application. I'm using proxy server and t-zones. Anyone know how to correct this?
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    You are brilliant...I did that and it worked...must be confused looking for databases...I notice that once you hit the try demo button it takes about 6 secs to start (comments?). I have a 2GB SD card and I wonder if it is doing some sort of scan....Interestly enough, I did find a backup (via BackBuddy) PDB on my SD card in a different folder (an archive). Should be a little smarter and only look at the SD launcher folder (once you move to card).

    Q: outside of the ZagatData, Zagat.prc, Zagat Map, Zagat installed guides, and various databases (PDB) .... are there any other Zagat leave behinds?.....As well I have used zlauncher to move Zagat.prc to launcher folder (along with PDBs)...seems to be fine (any issues folks have found?...I know you can not move Zagat Map to card ...which is the same as Handmark's Express product).

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