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    My Kyocera 7135 has been getting wickedly flakey lately, so I gave Verizon a call to ask what it would take to get it fixed. I figured if I kept it it would need to work, and if I sold it on ebay, I'd like to be able to say "just serviced by Verizon". So I called them up.

    After running the usual gauntlet ("did you warm boot it? Did you cold boot it?"), the CSR told me "We're going to do a no-cost exchange for you, but since that model is no longer manufactured, we're going to be sending you a Treo 650 instead(!!!!!)."

    Its supposed to arrive in a few days. I'm mentioning it here not to gloat, but to suggest that anyone else in the same situation might want to give it a try. You never know.

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    I wrote about the same thing happening to my wife's son a week or so ago. He got it last week. They didn't even ask for the 7135 back, so I took it to a store I know and they gave me a new 7135 they had in the back in case I ever wanted to activate it (I know the manager well).

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    In May when I got my wife her 600 (my Kyocera 7135 replacement by lockline) we gave her 7135 to her son. Now my wife's 600 was warranty replaced last month with another 600. Two weeks ago, her son's 7135 went bad and he called Verizon. He did not have the insurance, but we figure they must've thought he just got a new 7135 when he activated it in May so they sent him a warranty replacement last week. It was a 650. Go figure.
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