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    I have tried to do all the resets i have read on these pots, am i out of choices?
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    Return it under warranty
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    Is this a new phone/used phone? Did it just not turn on one day? More info please.
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    More info is definitely needed.

    Is the indicator light dead? Even when it is plugged in?

    Is the screen completely blank at all times? Even when plugged? Even during a reset? Maybe the screen is dead. Have you tried having someone call your phone to see if the phone is on and just the screen is out (longshot, but what do you have to lose?)?

    Now that I have at least contributed a little, I will hijack the thread (sorry, but it is either that or start yet another "my Treo isn't working" thread.

    I have a sprint Treo 600, I believe with the latest update. It is a replacement that I got several months back when I was having problems with my launch model. As of last night, it only boots up as far as the "palm POWERED" logo screen. When this started, it would occassionally randomly reset by itself (and by me), but it never got past this screen. The only variation is when I initiate a hard-reset I do get the yes/no prompt, although I have not followed through with a hard-reset, as I haven't backed up in a while, and I'd like to retain the data if at all possible (plus I am somewhat doubtful that the hard reset would do any good. The indicator light is dead through the whole process, whether the Treo is plugged in or not.

    At first, I thought something had gotten wedged against the reset button, causing it to remain pressed, but when I do reset, I can feel it press in and spring back, so I no longer believe that is the case. I am trying to track down the right screwdriver to open the case (and by "track down", I mean find somebody in my building who has one -- buying one off ebay would take too long), and I may get a chance to go to the Sprint store this afternoon, but in my experience their first course of action is to either do a hard reset or offer a replacement. Any ideas?
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    the indicator light does not come on, nor does any resests affect it in any way!

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