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    Hi folks,

    I received a new generation car kit sample for my Treo 650 from Seidio, they called it G4500. Since I already have a G2500, I immediately wonder what the difference between the 4500 and 2500 is. According to Seidio, it is a new and improved design with better sound quality, so, let me do an evaluation on it to verify these.

    Comparing to its predecessor, G2500, it is much more stylish, small and compact; corners are smoothed out. Design is decent and streamline. On the sound quality, they move the speaker from the back as in the G2500, to the front as I see now in the G4500. Volume is louder and clearer without distortion or cracking even at the maximum volume. Sound quality is excellent. Microphone quality is greatly improved as well, with much better sensitivity and directional. I have tested with my friend, he said that he can hear my voice clearly but not the background noise even I have not turned off my car stereo. It is a great improved on the microphone. Besides, it still inherits all of its predecessorís G2500 functions like hands-free, dc-out and the RJ-11 wired GPS connection port capabilities. The ports of mic-in, earpiece-out, dc-in, dc-in and RJ-11 wired GPS connection port are all compatible with G2500 since I have used my accessories for the G2500 on this G4500 without any problems, so compatibility for upgrading from G2500 to this G4500 would not be a issue. Besides, I found out the external antenna port of my Treo is NOT covered that means connection of external antenna is supported. One more thing I found out is that they do better cable management on the cradle, holes are only on left and right sides instead of around the cradle in the G2500. Audio related is on the left and power, GPS are on the right side, it makes cable management more easy and neat.

    This G4500 does as it advertised, with a smaller and compact design and better sound quality. It will be on the market very soon according to Seidio.
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    Is the increase in Microphone Quality because they supply a better External Mic that you just plug into the unit?

    Can you try the new mic on your G2500 and let me know if it makes the G2500 work just as good..

    I assume it will, and if so I'd love to find out what microphone Seidio is using now so I can grab/buy one to improve the call quality on my G2500 (I've piped Audio through the Stereo so my call volume is okay...but since I cant use a B/T headset with this I'd love to find an easy way to improve the outbound quality)


    ps...good to hear they are still cranking out new designs....
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    yea, the microphone is a separate, improved one, much better quality and sensitivity than the one come with 2500.
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    Personally I'm waiting for the G4850 which builds the GPS inside of the car kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manielse
    Personally I'm waiting for the G4850 which builds the GPS inside of the car kit.
    Me too, im really excited about this product as im in the market for a GPS system for my 650 this holiday season.
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.

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