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    I downloaded the volume care demo and after I rebooted my phone and placed a call it was in roam (the little triangle was on the screen). I had plenty of bars for signal strength. So I deleted the volume care and rebooted and then tried a call and it wasn't in roam. Is it somethng I am doing wrong or is it the application? Anyone else have this problem? And do you use the volume key on the side of the phone the same as you normally would or do you have to press Option and the 5-way key up/down? I tried the side key and it worked fine but I thought I read you have to use the Option + 5 way key. Please help because I just bought the phone on Saturday and I like it but the volume is too low for me.
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    You didn't mention if you have Verizon as your provider or not..... A number of folks have found (myself included) that some percentage of the the time my phone resets, the roaming indicator is on - often there is garbage characters instead of the "Verizon Wireless" in the upper left. This is a function of the phone restarting - nothing to do with Volume Care.

    You can either turn the phone off and on again. Or, *22899 <dial> (again, on Verizon) is about as quick and insures that you have the latest service profiles.

    I use the side key or the 5-way nav buttons.
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    Yes, sorry, I have Verizon Wireless
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    I downloaded the VC again and as soon as I rebooted the roam indicator came one. So I rebooted again and it went off. I will see how it does.

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