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    I bought the Treo 650 (Verizon) on Saturday and I find the ear volume at the highest setting is too low. On another forum they said to get VOLUME CARE. What is that and where do I find it to buy it? Does it really work well? What type of holster do you guys use to carry the 650? I dont want a pouch, but I saw they make a leather clip, anyone have that and how do you like it. Thanks.
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    Not sure how your questions fit in the Windows Mobile forum section, but anyhoo...

    VolumeCare is a software product that will boost the volume to acceptable levels.

    Not a holster-bird myself...
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    VolumeCare is one of the best utils i have ever purchased for any of the Palm's ive had.
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    I did the free trial, how long is that good for, I dont see where you register the code once you purchase it?

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