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    Hey people. Have had my Treo now maybe a month and lovin it. Have a small biz and need help organizing. I see so many apps here and really struggle on finding the best all around most functional organizer. For intsance when a customer order a product how do I link that with there info?

    And is there a program that shows the number and name of the person calling like a home phone caller ID system? I didnt realize til my GF said hey how come you cant see who's calling lol. She proceeds to clown me for 20min about my 5k phone that doesnt do what her 29.99 phone does lol. I told her I just did not know how to unlock that feature lol.

    Any help.
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    What do you see on the screen when the phone rings? If the person's in your contacts DB, their name should show up along with the phone number.

    You could be product orders in the notes section for a contact.
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    Well I do see the number but is there any program to actually show the persons name like a real caller id box ie home phones?

    And yes can use notes just thought might have been another way to do
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    Cell phone numbers aren't publicy listed like land-line numbers(not yet anyway) Unless you already them programed as a contact, it will just show up as an unkown number.

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