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    I had "Grapes of Wrath" sitting on my sd card, half-watched, for months. Today, for some reason, I am unable to complete a full hotsync -- keeps getting stuck on "Synchronizing Pics&Videos."

    I opened up TCPMP, and it could not recognize the movie. So, using FileZ, I deleted it. Opened TCPMP to be sure and, yes, it was gone from DCIM.

    However, I STILL can't fully sync. Instead, I again get the following error:

    -- Media
    Unable to sync media file 'Grapes of Wrath.avi' on desktop. Error code: 268461072.
    Media synchronization failed

    Worse yet, when I then open up TCPMP and FileZ, it's baaaccckkk! Is my treo being poltergeisted for Halloween? Why does it keep reappearing? How do I delete it from both desktop as well as treo? Why did it become corrupt in the first place?

    After a soft reset, same thing. Help, please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaharr
    After deleting it from your Treo, delete from both the desktop Media application and the backup directory.
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    Bill, thank you . I did not realize I had to also delete it from Media Desktop. That worked. (It was not in my backup folder at all.)

    Curiously, my very next hotsync caused my other dvd-to-avi file on the card to become corrupt so I had to delete that one as well. It almost seems as if my avi files had an expiration date. Ever heard of this? Anyway, thank you again.

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