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    Anyone else had this problem with Blazer's display of images?

    Until about two weeks ago the way that Blazer 4.0 on my Treo 650 displayed images depending upon whether it was in "Optimized" or "Wide Page" mode. In the former, images were limited to about 310 pixels on a side and in the latter, they were displayed at their full size, which meant they had to be scrolled to be fully viewed if more than about 310 pixels in either dimension. That was fine.

    About two weeks ago, for no apparent reason (no crash, no new software) Blazer on my 650 lost the ability to display images more than about 310 pixels on a side, even in "Wide Page" mode. Images larger than that are scaled down to about 310 pixels, with all kinds of ugly jaggies and artifacts. An image wider than about 310 pixels will still display at its full pixel size - but it's not the original image; it's the the original image shrunk down to 310 pixels wide, then scaled back up to its original size - which looks terrible if it's, say, an image 600 pixels wide. A regular web page of, say, 800 or 1024 pixels in width will still display at its native width in "Wide Page" mode, except for the graphics, which are limited to 310 pixels on a side - and that screws up the page's layout, of course.

    Only Blazer graphics are affected by this new problem. Images in "Pics&Videos" display as before; the images are scaled down so that the smaller dimension is 320 pixels, but the larger dimension can still be scrolled to see it all.

    I don't know that I'm explaining the problem all that clearly, but regardless, the usual explanation for a sudden and unexplicable change in the behavior of software is the all-purpose "file corruption." According to FileZ, Blazer.prc still has "created" and "modified" dates of 6/7/05, which is presumably the build date of the Sprint Updater 1.12 version of Blazer. The usual remedy for "file corruption" that causes bad things to happen to good software, or even sortware like Blazer, is to uninstall and reinstall the program in question. That's not so easy, since Blazer is in ROM. Does anyone know if, having installed Updater 1.12 in August, I can run it again and, hopefully, overwrite the copy of Blazer I have now with a fresh, and perhaps "uncorrupted", copy?
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    There are a couple of threads around here on this: it seems that Sprint has changed something on the server side.
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    Thanks. I searched this section but didn't check the CDMA section. Since Blazer doesn't use a proxy (or so I'm told) I didn't know that Sprint had an opportunity to screw up my graphics. Apparently they did, and seized the opportunity on/about 10/21. Quite a few people have reported the same problem.
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    I'm getting this same problem.
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    The problem, it turns out, was Sprint-specific. Sprint seems to have corrected it as of this morning.

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