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    I need some help with BT DUN and can’t seem to find a solid answer anywhere. I have a Treo 650 (Cingular) and a Dell laptop with the TrueMobile 350 Internal Bluetooth. The Truemobile card uses Toshiba’s BT stack.

    I have updated the firmware to 1.15 and followed the instructions from Palm and a few others on the web for setting up BT DUN, but cannot seem to get it to work. The two devices show that they are paired fine. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Toshiba stack and made sure the SP2 BT .inf file was renamed before doing so.

    99% of the time when I try to open the connection I get a window that says “Bluetooth Settings, Connection Failed”. 1% of the time it appears to be communicating with the phone as the phone displays something like “Connection in Progress” but ultimately it fails.

    This is really driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    have you set up the network connection using the bluetooth modem to dial your isp?
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    Yes, the Toshiba BT manager sets up a BT Modem and Dial up account that points to that modem. I've also done this process manually in case the Toshiba software didn't configure something correctly.
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    I have the same issue. I have a Dell Inspiron (Windows XP SP2) and I attempted to use DUN via Bluetooth with no success. I uninstalled the Dell Truemobile 350 drivers in hopes that the Microsoft drivers would re-appear. No luck so I re-imaged my laptop. After re-imaging, the Bluetooth DUN worked!!!! I re-installed the Toshiba stack and now my Bluetooth DUN is back in George W. Bush status----> Failure..
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    After weeks of frustrations, I have given up on BT DUN. I also have Dell Inspiron 9300/XP SP2. I tried Toshiba Stack, I tried MS stack - I tried everything I could find on the boards. I got it to work - sort of... Chances of it working are 1 in 10 and when (and if) it does work, it screws up Hotsync COM port. It is not worth the hassle.

    PdaNet demo works with BT and USB without any problems so I am going to buy it...

    [edited to add my config info]
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    *** I GOT IT TO WORK*** <<<<UNLOCKED Treo 650/Cingular>>>>

    I have owned a Dell laptop with the same BT Toshiba stack for 2 months & never tried to connect until reading your post.

    Tygar I was having the issues as you were.. So I

    Updated my Chipset from Dell. Instead of choosing which model I have, I typed my service tag in the appropriate field.

    Uninstalled the BT Stack & the Toshiba folder in C:\Program Files

    O.K. Chipset Updated... BT Stack Uninstalled... Next

    I, after many unsuccessful attempts with the dell branded Toshiba Stack downloaded the Toshiba Stack which they use in Toshiba systems from here: **At The Top** Version 4.00.01 Operating System Windows 2000 / Windows XP

    After downloading the BT Stack I Restarted my laptop,upon start-up the "Found Hardware Wizard" started, (The Internal BT Module started it),I just hit cancel.

    I installed The BT Stack, paired the phone... & used these Cingular DUN Settings:
    ***(advanced settings after the modem was installed)***
    Init String: +CGDCONT=1,"IP","wap.cingular"

    ***I didn't use*** AT
    ***Maybe you CAN - Maybe you CAN'T***
    Password: CINGULAR1
    Phone Number: *99***1#

    To my amazement it connected at 115.2Kbps

    Good Luck!!!
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    i've also had my troubles with the toshiba BT DUN works most of the time, when I do get errors, I just have to remove the devices from both PC and Treo and repair them from a clean far this has worked for me..also made sure that I disable Hotsync manager to potentially grab the same COM port

    however, I've discovered that it's very hard to have both DUN and BT Hotsync to work at the same i've pretty much given up on BT Hotsync...but previous poster was right, PdaNet demo has worked well for both's a shame that we have to pay for those features that suppose to work outta the box
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    Frankienutz, thanks for the info. I'm going to try the direct Toshiba driver. Is your connection working 100% now?

    fxdup, what BT stack are you running? Did you try Frankie's fix?

    Thanks guys, hopefully together we can figure out something that is billed as working out of the box.
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    Frankienutz, I was able to get the first 1/2 of the toshiba stack to install, but it hung on my machine when trying to install the driver so I could access the toshiba programs, but I couldn't turn on the BT radio. I tried to manually install the driver, but my machine wouldn't recognize it.

    Any other suggestions? (Thanks again for your help.)
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    I don't know if anyone noticed this or not (I didn't until someone at the Dell forum alerted me) but Dell released a new firmware and BT Stack for the TrueMobile 350's. New stack is v4.00.11(D) and firmware upgrade v24.22. According to Dell's site, here are the enhancements:

    Added features:
    - Improved user experience (more help buttons, easier mobile phone setup, easier pairing process)
    - Additional security options
    - Added customers diagnostics feature
    - Additional install options for corporate customers
    - Corporate tool for Stack Import/Export settings

    I left my laptop at work, but can't wait to install this tomorrow to see if it resolves the issue. I'll post back tomorrow with my findings unless someone beats me to it.
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    Well, I'm sorry to report that the new firmware and BT stack didn't seem to help this problem. The only difference I've noticed is that I get the "Connection Failed" screen much more quickly now.

    Anybody else get this to work?
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    LOL, I can't even get the new Dell Truemobile BT firmware to install. It slogs to a halt at 63% and goes no further. It keeps flashing up the "unsigned driver" dialog, but it's so fast you can just barely manage to click it after trying to time whenit flashes up. Managing to click on it does no good at all. It's almost like Windows is trying to prevent the Microsoft BT stack from being overwritten, which wouldn't surprise me on bit.
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    Of COURSE, no sooner do I post that and the damned thing finally manages to complete the install. I'm not quite sure I like the interface of it, it seems much more of a pain in the neck to connect bt devices. Add to that, the fact that it can't even SEE my BT mouse, which the MS driver picked up as soon as I put batteries in the damned thing. PLUS, I STILL don't have a "My Bluetooth Places" where I can work with individual services. Freaking annoying I tell you!
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    FYI, It appears that Dell has released ANOTHER update to the Toshiba stack. I haven't tried hooking it up to my 650 yet, but it now sees my BT mouse and works with my BT headphones. Haven't tried both at once yet...more to come.
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    Mooch, can you please verify the version. Is it newer than the v4.00.11(D) I mention above? If so, where did you find it as I don't see it on Dell's site.
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    The listing is "Network: Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Internal Module, Driver, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Multi Language, Multi System, v.v4.00.11(D), A13" released on 11/14/05 according to the site "Toshiba Bluetooth Stack v4.00.11(D) and firmware upgrade v24.22 for Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Module." I tried it today with using the A2DP and the mouse at the same time. Absolutely flawless. Now I just need to setup the Treo to work with it.

    Either was, yes, it's the one you mentioned earlier. If you're still having problems though, it may be because you haven't completely disabled the Windows BT stack.

    Try reading the message I had running on the Dell Forums:
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    Well, I managed to FINALLY get Hotsync working with the new stack. I had to go into the Hotsync preferences on the Treo and change the setting in my connection from PC to Local Network and suddenly it synced fine. It also took a little playing to find a COM port that would work for some reason.
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    Another thing to check for BT DUN is the settings for Hotsync vs BTDUN. I ran into the issue where when I set up BT DUN it automatically assigned COM40 for the DUN connection. HotSync hijacks whatever the newest COM port is though. I kept getting a COM port in use error when I tried DUN. After changing HotSync BACK to COM7, I was at least able to attempt DUN. I still don't have it working, but I'm getting there.
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    I had given up on BT DUN with Dell/Toshiba(or Microsoft) stack a long time ago. But after a new Toshiba driver on PC and Cingular firmware upgrade to the Phone, my hopes were high that I could make this work. However, Still no go. I can add DUN/discover device just fine, but when it comes time to dial, the process still fails at 'Dialing *99***1#' with error 692. With my modem log showing

    11-30-2005 13:49:23.562 - Send: AT<cr>
    11-30-2005 13:49:25.562 - Timed out waiting for response from modem
    11-30-2005 13:49:25.562 - The modem failed to respond to the initialization command, Retrying one more time
    11-30-2005 13:49:25.562 - 115200,8,N,1, ctsfl=1, rtsctl=2
    11-30-2005 13:49:25.562 - DSR is low while initializing the modem. Verify modem is turned on.
    11-30-2005 13:49:25.562 - CTS is low while initializing modem.
    11-30-2005 13:49:25.577 - Send: AT<cr>
    11-30-2005 13:49:27.577 - Timed out waiting for response from modem

    I have stack version v4.00.11(D) and firmware upgrade v24.22 on the PC and Firmware 1.51 and Software 1.17-CNG on the phone.

    Oh well... I give up one more time.
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