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    so i set up chatter and it established a connection to my exchange. only, i dont get push. i need to open the application adn then it fetches my emails.

    is there somethign with my settings? I can get my exchange emails from the web, via imap at, using my email addres and nt password.

    any thoughts?
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    Are you using SSL?

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    i believe so, using port 993, i believe. does that make a difference?
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    If you're using SSL and need push in the background, then you have to use the MatrixSSL package that I offer at

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    ok i will try that. thanks,
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    So I install it, and what do i do with the settings to enable the push?
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    wow, that push is impressive. is there any way to "turn off" push in settings? the reason why is so that i can make sure to get calls when i really need them.
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    If you want to turn off push on a temporary basis, you can "shutdown and disconnect" with chatter through the menus.
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