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    I am new to this forum, just bought my Treo650.
    I use Lotus Organizer 6.0 and Outlook Express for emails.
    I only need to synchronize LO 6.0.
    As far I have read there are some problems synch Treo650 with this PIM.
    Which synch program do you suggest I should use, that works best with LO 6.0?
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    The only answer is going to be Pumatech's Intellisync. The 650 has new fields however. the 600 is OK, but the 650 is questionable. CompaionLink maybe as well but I doubt it.

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    What version of Lotus Notes do you use? I use 6.5.1 and Intellisync will no longer supports this with the Treo 650. You have to have 6.5.5 (I think) or higher to sync. I'm hosed on this since they won't support an older version as I sync Lotus and Outlook too.
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    I think ExtndPC Is gonna be your only realistic option in the near future. ExtndPC is the OEM who actually develops EasySync for Lotus. Last I herad, ExtndPC was suppossed to have simething functional for Palm's new memory storage structure on or about 05-07-05. I know one peep here downloaded it but I haven't had the time to follow up and see how it worked out for him.
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    I downloaded it,but never loaded it in because it would not sync with all of the features I want. I am now reluctantly using Outlook. I keep hoping that there will be an updated easysynce that will work with the 650.

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