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    Anyone notice that more DVDs are copy protected? Any way to get Pocket DVD to rip those disks too?

    I bought movies just so I could watch them on my Palm. I don't want to see them on a TV.
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    Any dvd. It's a software that tricks your pc into thinking protected dvds are your personal dvds. Therefore any program that would read your dvd as protected doesn't when anydvd is on.

    I know it works for sure when I use it with my dvd copying software. So I'm sure it should work with pocket dvd studio.

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    Thanks! I'll try it.

    Wish studios just made it easier for me to watch movies wherever I want. I'm not looking to steal movies. I just want to watch them without buying a TV.
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    Different software should work.

    I use a freeware app for OS X (Mac The Ripper) and I've never had a problem ripping a disc. Most rippers out there should strip the copy protection.
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    For windows, I prefer DVDshrink to remove drm.

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    On Windows, with DVD Shrink, what is left after the DRM is removed? Does DVD Shrink save the DVD movie to a MPG or AVI file? How do you watch the output of DVD Shrink?
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    DVDshrink will let you pick any tracks you would like to delete from the new DVD, thus making it fit onto 1 single layer DVD. IIRC it will give you files that a program like nero could pick up and burn directly to another blank DVD, or if you would prefer, an image recorder.

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    not that i know this from personal experience, but with dvdshrink you will need another step to get it to avi or mpg.
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    I have successfully used Pocket DVD Studio to copy movies to an SD card to view on my Treo. The weird thing is that trying to copy the same movie using other movie burning programs don't work, but for some strange reason will work with Pocket DVD Studio.

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