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    02-04-2004, 02:00 PM

    The class is more or less just the signal strength/range.

    Class 1 devices have an output of up to 20dBm, which is good for about 100 meters in transmission range.

    Class 2 devices have a max output of 4dBm (I think), which is good for 10m. This is what most headsets and phones are. it makes sense that Class 2 devices would need less battery power to run, which is why you see them used for phones and headsets.

    But a Class 1 dongle can only connect with other Class 1 devices at long ranges, because the class determines how strong a signal they transmit, not how weak a signal they can receive.

    Think of it this way. You and your baby brother are trying to play a game of "catch" with a baseball.

    You can throw the ball 100m, and your brother somehow manages to catch it.

    Your brother, being only a small child, can't throw that far. He throws it 10m back in your direction.

    You obviously can't catch it, because it never gets to you.

    This is what happens when you use a 100m device with a 10m device at distances over 10m.

    Admittedly, a 100m device will often have a nice antenna on it, and that might help pick up a weaker signal at distances of greater than 10m from a 10m device, but you will never get 100m of range between the two.


    The Treo (650) has an integrated Bluetooth class 2 radio and supports headsets and HotSyncing over Bluetooth.
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    So what's your point? Class 1 USB dongles vs Class 2 dongles don't really have any price difference, and it's worth it to get the Class 1 IMO... My Class 1 USB dongle let's me BT Network all over my house and back yard, I bet a Class 2 wouldn't.
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    my point is that treo 650 is class 2 so don't expect increased range/performance if paired with a class 1 device. does that make any sense to you?
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    Let me use an analogy... Cellphone towers send out several watts of power, while cellphones send out perhaps 400mW of power.

    Don't skimp on the USB dongle on the computer side, there's *no reason to*. I guarantee a good Class 1 will outperform and outrange a good Class 2. Let's ignore the fact that a lot of USB BlueTooth dongles are crap.

    When I was looking for mine on ebay, they ranged from $5 to $20. In the end, class 1 vs class 2 there was no price difference.

    Obviously if you have class 1 and class 2, you don't get the "100 meters" but you're definately going to get more than the 10m the class 2's are rated at. My class 1 dongle is on one side of my smallish house, and goes through 6 walls and all my kitchen applicances to my den, where I browse the net without a worry. Plus coverage all over my back yard to listen to streaming music while I do yard work.
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    The point here is that GEKKO is basing all of his statements on ASSUMPTIONS
    from what he has read on other forums and some marketing mumbo-jumbo.

    Its painfully obvious that GEKKO doesnt own or use a class 1 BT dongle with his Treo650, because if he did, he would post that he loves the range a good quality class1 dongle provides.

    Take khaytsus' advice and buy a good quality class1 BT USB dongle. I have a linksys usbbt100 and it works throughout the house. It even lets me update my hardwired parrot BT handsfree kit in my truck, WHILE IT IS IN THE DRIVEWAY.

    I can connect to the "wimpy" class II BT in my TREO650 from MILES AWAY with the proper antenna.
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    Neat analogy, but it's bunk. Run a real-world test with a decent Class 1 BT adapter (see sig. for recommendation), drop it into a laptop, and test the connectivity range with the Treo. Then do the same thing with a Class 2. In my experience, the Class 2 maxes out at about 15 feet, while the Class 1 holds the connection throughout all of my house and most of my yard.
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