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    I like using a bluetooth adaptor with my 650 in order to listen to my books on tape and music through my bluetooth headset(hs805)

    I have used and liked the jabra a210 but i recently lost it
    so before getting a new one I though i would ask if anyone likes any of the other adaptors better?

    ( unless of course i have missed some fabulous software which allows me to correct the palm one's short sightedness and allows me to listen to mp3's and books on tape directly through my bluetooth headset without an adaptor )
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    Any of them should work fine. They work better without 167,534 emoticons per post too.
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    please excuse all the emotions but I am eight days with out electricity in Fort lauderdale

    I am posting from my mother-in-laws (nine days) 'nuff said

    so smilies are my release

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