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    Has anyone tried the Tekkeon ezMiniTalker bluetooth headset w/the Treo 650? It's gotten great reviews but I've gone through two headsets already so before purchasing another any reviews on using w/the Treo 650
    (w/Verizon) would be helpful. Thanks.
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    I was able to get one off Ebay. Hopefullly it'll come quick. The thing looks amazing!

    -Browse/dial from mobile phone book
    -Access stored numbers
    -Caller ID display on headset
    -Advanced calling features, like call transfer to/from phone, call waiting, last number redial, voice dialing, and browse/dial from mobile phone book and stored numbers
    -Multi-use function button provides one-touch access to pairing, call answer, call end, call reject, power on/off, and voice dialing
    -Power adapter plugs directly into headset
    Visual and audible indicators for audio and headset connection, headset battery level, and volume level

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