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    hi my name is Ed
    Have recently bought a treo 650 and started to conect all the software to my computer, everything run smooth until I started to conect Hotsync. The device told me to push the little button on the usb cable, then the computer started to conect the treo to the pc, but suddenly the pc asņed me for a password to conect the hotsync. I do not have the password and have read the manual 1000000 times and canīt find anything please help me I also tried with all numbers that where in the box (S/N, IMEI, promotion ID, 0000, 1234 , 9999, etc.) donīt know what to do please help. I also registered the product but they havenīt sent any mails to me.
    thanks for all the help
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    done it all ready thanks for all

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