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    Hi all,

    I'm having a little problem sending a txt file to my Treo. What is happening is that my Treo receives it and wants to open it with OfficeSuite. The problem is that I have it launching from Zlauncher and when I tap on OK nothing happens.
    Now, I think it is because it is in the card, but is there a way to make the Treo open it with something else? Or is there any other lighter txt viewer that will open it? Also, How do I make it change to open on something else?

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    Cardtxt might help.
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    CardTxt is really nice for the Treo, SiEd is not really good at 5way Nav. Now the problems seems to be that OfficeSuite has txt files checked for default viewer and when I try to uncheck it it says that another application needs to be setup as default for that type of file. However, I don't see any of those two apps with an option to set themselves as defaults. Still issues.


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